Coat Cooke

New Review of Conversations

Exclaim review of Conversations

By Nilan Perera


Sometimes you can have a conversation, leave it and realise there was really nothing said. Pleasantries, clichés and superficialities all contribute to interactions that say more about passing the time than conveying anything of note. The same can be said of some musical dialogues, but not so of this particular series of exchanges by Vancouverite stalwarts Coat Cooke (reeds) and Joe Poole (drum kit). The subjects of conversation range from thoughtful, spacious musings that leave room for consideration and counter-arguments to spirited, yet friendly, sparring, but all are highly articulate, not given to extraneous chatter. These are experienced seasoned players who understand the freedom and responsibilities of improvisation that come so distinctly from jazz melodicism and rhythmic flexibility, yet range further afield.